Is the stork on its way? Check out 2012’s top baby names and their meanings! gives us the top baby names of 2012. We’ve rated them on a five-point scale, where five absolutely cute and one is just too strange.

Girls Names

Isabella – God’s Oath – 5
Sookie – Unknown – 2
Hattie – short for Harriet – 3
Arabella – Beautiful Altar – 5
Harper – Harpist – 4
Haven – Place of Safety – 2
Betty – short for Elizabeth – 4
Haddy – Heather-filled Valley – 3
Blythe – Happy, Free Spirit – 2
Kate – short for Catherine – 4
Charlotte – Strong – 5
Amelia – short for Emily – 5

Boys Names

Jacob – Supplanter – 4
Max – short for Maxwell – 5
Jack – short for Jacob – 5
Milo – Soldier – 3
Bing – Pot-shaped Hollow – 1
Liam – short for William – 4
James – short for Jacob – 5
Rory – Brilliance – 2
Aiden – Fiery – 4
Gavin – White Hawk – 5
Owen – Young Warrior – 4
Connor – Wise – 5

Comment below to add to our list of names, or tell us your favorite one and why!


Sentimental Wedding Traditions


Here are some charming ideas to incorporate into your wedding day to make it extra special for those who are nearest to your heart.

A double frame makes a wonderful gift for your mother. On one side, use a picture of you and your mother when you were a little girl and on the other, a picture of you together on your wedding day—hugging, getting ready together or something like that. For an extra-special touch, have the frame engraved to read, “I’ll always be your little girl.”

If you wear a blusher veil, it is traditional to give it to your father after your wedding day, as a memento of that moment in your lives. A shadow box is a cute way to display this gift, along with a portrait of you walking down the aisle or having your father-daughter dance during the reception.

Secretly do a boudoir portrait session in your bridal lingerie and frame your favorite portrait. Hide it for him to find on your wedding morning with a little love note. This will be a wonderful surprise for him to enjoy that day and for many years to come.

Maid of Honor
A framed portrait of you together on your wedding day with a necklace or a gift card to a spa is the perfect thank you to your maid of honor. Have each bride’s maid sign the sole of your shoe before the ceremony for good luck. Whoever’s name is darkest by the end of the day will be married next.

Best Man
An engraved flask, a box of cigars or a nice set of cufflinks are all thoughtful gestures to give to the best man in your wedding. Be sure to get a portrait of all the groomsmen and the groom doing a toast. This makes a wonderful framed gift to give to each, along with a handwritten thank you card.

Flower Girl
An engraved locket is a wonderful gift for your flower girl. Alternately, a charming music box would also be cherished for years to come. Take a picture with your flower girl, and wait until her wedding day to give it to her, along with a heartfelt message about how proud you are to see her grow into a beautiful woman.

Future Children
Save a few bottles of wine from your wedding (depending on how many children you plan to have) and box each one up with a picture of you and your husband on your wedding day, as well as a heartfelt, handwritten message. This makes a wonderful gift many years down the road on your children’s wedding day.

Save the top tier of your wedding cake and freeze it until your one year anniversary. This makes for a wonderfully romantic memento from your wedding day.

For that big 25, use one of those bottles of wine that you set aside for your kids, if you have extras!

For your 50th, go to the place you were married and renew your vows in front of your closest and most dear family and friends. Be sure to save your shoes, veil and dress, wrapping them in linen and storing them in an airtight, watertight place. If you don’t end up renewing your vows in them, a daughter or granddaughter might love to wear it again.


For more help in creating heirloom treasures, please call me…970-623-6703

April Specials

Don’t miss out on these exciting upcoming sessions and promotions!

Birthday Sessions:  Attention April Birthdays!  We have a special just for you!  Call for a free portrait session and (8) keepsake wallet-size portraits.

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Mommy & Me:  The Mommy & Me portrait sessions are a great way to create a lasting memory of the mother-child bond.  If grandma lives in town, a three-generation portrait can be an extra special touch.  Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and these portraits make beautiful gifts!

My Beauty Campaign Charity Event:  The Global MBC Charity Event is nothing short of a miracle.  On the same day, MBC Photographers around the world  hold a charity event in their area and photograph 5 to 20 women for free.  Hundreds and potentially thousands of women are blessed all around the world at the same time!  Every woman can and should have a beautiful photo that she absolutely loves, a visual representation of her own transformation and personal beauty campaign.

This year we are holding the event on May 19th.  I’ve partnered up with Conceited Salon and we are going to gift 10 sessions.  Women love to bring a friend with them, so we are choosing 5 sets of best friends, sisters, mothers & daughters or any combination you can think of.

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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Celebrate the luck of the Irish with these adorable crafts and treats!

Rainbow Cupcakes
Add some rainbow or shamrock sprinkles for a fun finishing touch.…pcakes-842128/

Shamrock Paper Chain
This is a cute decoration for almost any decor.


Leprechaun Trap
Set this up with your kids and see if you can’t catch a leprechaun. If you can’t find a pot of gold, just use a small dish full of lucky charms!…day-ideas.html

Rainbow Jello
This looks too good to eat!…bow-jello.html

Shamrock Tee Shirts
Your little ones won’t get pinched with these adorable shamrock tee shirts!…rock-chic.html

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from

Charity Highlight

March is American Red Cross Month

Did you know?

The American Red Cross is part of the world’s largest humanitarian network – 97 million volunteers helping in 186 countries. In this country, the Red Cross helps change lives seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

• 200 times a day, American Red Cross volunteers help a family who has lost everything in a house fire or other disaster.

• 475 times a day, the American Red Cross connects deployed service members with their families.

• 21,000 times a day, a patient receives blood through the American Red Cross blood program.

• 43,000 times a day, someone receives life-saving American Red Cross health, safety and preparedness training.

Imagine how many people the American Red Cross help in just one year. Whether you want to make a donation, volunteer, give blood or become even more involved in responding to disasters, there is always a way to make a difference.

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