Urban Family Sessions

The streets of downtown Grand Junction are the perfect backdrop for your next family portrait. With such amazing architectural design available, we can create a variety of moods with this unique location option. From sophisticated to rustic and modern to edgy, the choice is yours.

You can enhance this vibe with your wardrobe choices.

Here are a few suggestions, compliments of Express and The Children’s Place:

Sophisticated           Rustic           Modern           Edgy

Whatever style suits you best, you can create a little variety and flavor by avoiding outfits that are completely identical. Also, layering looks amazing in portraits, so feel free to experiment with layers, accessories and footwear to create a look that expresses your family best.

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Birthday Sessions
Attention June birthdays! We have a special just for you! Call for a free portrait session and 8 keepsake wallet-size portraits.

Urban Family Portraits
Outdoor family portraits are always stunning. Our urban family portraits are a fun approach to traditional family portraits, downtown Grand Junction. This unique location option can create a wide range of looks—from a rustic, old world vibe to sophisticated and modern, to eclectic and edgy. Take advantage of this beautiful weather while you can.

Outdoor Family Portraits
Your next family portrait will look amazing in one of our area’s most stunning parks, lakes or open spaces. Choose from our selection of locations, or choose one that has a special significance to your family.
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