New Beginnings


I think the last time I posted here was about a year ago and at that time I said I was gonna figure out this blogging thing and stay on top of it.  That did not happen!  I really wannna do this and get good at it so we’re gonna try again.

Here’s to New Beginnings.  I now have a new full time job that allows me to bring my personal work to work.  This job has a lot of down time so my new boss encouraged me to bring my crafts to work on and my photos for editing.  I brought my lap top to work and now I can surf all day and educate myself and stay on top of blogging.  I now have no excuse, but please bear with me.  I’m a Newbie!

Today I’ll keep it short and sweet.  I’m still searching my social media sites and trying to combine them.  I have several different projects that I’ve been working on for the last 10 years and I would like to pull them all together.  I’ll share more about those in a future post.

Take care, God Bless You



August 2013

“If you want to test your memory, try to recall what you were worrying about one year ago today.”
~E. Joseph Cossman

Don’t miss out on these upcoming sessions and promotions.

Birthday Sessions
Attention September birthdays! We have a special just for you! Call for a free portrait session and 8 keepsake wallet-size portraits.

Senior Sessions                                                                                                            There’s still some time left.  Yearbook pictures need to be in by October 10th, I do believe.  So call today before it’s too late.

Senior Family Sessions
I have enjoyed helping the class of 2013 capture their senior portraits. Now, as they prepare to go to college is the perfect opportunity to have a family portrait taken.  As a special thank you for your business, I would like to offer all 2013 senior clients a complimentary portrait session. The offer is good through November 16th 2013, and the weather is absolutely gorgeous, so don’t miss out!

Home for the Holidays
Gather your family together in the warmth and comfort of your own home for our Home for the Holidays portrait sessions. Choose a focal point like a piano, staircase or fireplace for a custom look you can share with family and friends this holiday season.



Corbie Lyn Photography


What a fun time of year when all the little children dress up in costumes and head out for tricks and treats.

Halloween mini sessions are only $25 for a 15 minute portrait session set in an adorable Halloween Scene.  For your convenience, these mini sessions are offered throughout the month of October, 2012, but they will fill up quickly, so call 623-6703 to reserve your session today.

This year you can get portraits of your children in their costumes while donating for a great cause.  Starving children aren’t just in other countries, some are right here in your own neighborhood.

Bring a canned food item (benefiting Community Food Bank of Grand Junction) and receive a complimentary 4 x 6 portrait.

There’s absolutely no obligation to purchase prints but packages are available starting at just $35.

To visit my webpage go to Corbie Lyn Photography

Call 623-6703 today to reserve your session (session fee due at time of reservation).


Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

At Corbie Lyn Photography,  we strive for a reputation of excellence for wedding day portraits in the Grand Junction area and beyond.   You can be confident that we will capture the monumental moments of your wedding day with professionalism,  delivering the elegant,  powerful and dramatic portraits that we are known for.   As you prepare for your wedding day,  consider these guidelines to help you look and feel your best on your big day.

Hair & Make-up.  Even if you prefer a more natural look, investing in a hair stylist and professional make up artist can take your wedding portraits from ordinary to extraordinary.  Though we do retouch portraits, excessive work will cost extra. You will be amazed with the results that you can get with the aid of professional beauty consultants.

If you are a smoker or coffee lover, have your teeth bleached before your big day as well—either professionally or with some bleaching strips.  These things can save you a lot of money in the long run, and make you feel extra special on your wedding day.

Bridal Glow.   You want to look like yourself, so unless you tan as part of your regular beauty routine, don’t try to look too bronzed on your big day.  Instead, keep your skin looking healthy and radiant by staying well hydrated and using a good moisturizer on your face and body every day after showering.  Once your big day arrives, lotioning with a subtle shimmer will photograph nicely and help balance your skin tone.

Beauty Sleep.   As the wedding date nears,  you will be tempted to pull all-nighters,  preparing centerpieces,  making travel arrangements,  making favors and putting the finishing touches on your big day.   Whatever you do,  be sure to get plenty of rest during this time.   Avoid excessive drinking (no bachelorettes) and get eight hours of sleep the entire week before your wedding day,  for a rested,  radiant look that is most suiting a new bride.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy.   Stress can not only ruin your big day,  but it can also have a negative effect on your wedding day portraits as well.   If you are relaxed and happy,  it will make everyone around you happy too.   If you are cranky, stressed and emotional,  everyone in the wedding party is going to feel it too.   Try to keep a positive attitude throughout your day so those smiles in your portraits won’t look like cringes.

We know that your wedding day is as unique as you are.  Because of this, we offer a variety of pricing options to meet most budgets—ranging from [$1500 to $4000].   Our selection of products will impress you,  from photo books and CDs to slideshows and thank you cards,  there is something for everyone.

We welcome your business. Please call to arrange a complimentary consultation today.  970-623-6703

Urban Family Sessions

The streets of downtown Grand Junction are the perfect backdrop for your next family portrait. With such amazing architectural design available, we can create a variety of moods with this unique location option. From sophisticated to rustic and modern to edgy, the choice is yours.

You can enhance this vibe with your wardrobe choices.

Here are a few suggestions, compliments of Express and The Children’s Place:

Sophisticated           Rustic           Modern           Edgy

Whatever style suits you best, you can create a little variety and flavor by avoiding outfits that are completely identical. Also, layering looks amazing in portraits, so feel free to experiment with layers, accessories and footwear to create a look that expresses your family best.

To schedule an urban family portrait session, call us today! 970-623-6703

Corbie Lyn Photography

June Campaigns

Don’t miss out on these exciting upcoming sessions and promotions!

Birthday Sessions
Attention June birthdays! We have a special just for you! Call for a free portrait session and 8 keepsake wallet-size portraits.

Urban Family Portraits
Outdoor family portraits are always stunning. Our urban family portraits are a fun approach to traditional family portraits, downtown Grand Junction. This unique location option can create a wide range of looks—from a rustic, old world vibe to sophisticated and modern, to eclectic and edgy. Take advantage of this beautiful weather while you can.

Outdoor Family Portraits
Your next family portrait will look amazing in one of our area’s most stunning parks, lakes or open spaces. Choose from our selection of locations, or choose one that has a special significance to your family.
Call to reserve your session today! 970-623-6703